Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Evan Wants For Christmas is His Two Front Teeth, and a Chocolate Fountain

This past Thanksgiving Evan walked around wiggling his loose tooth before the big dinner. We all were pretty bothered and some of us maybe were screaming, covering our eyes and ears and mouth (Strange gross out habits). My Dad, Evans Grandpa or Boompie as the kids call him was asked by Evan to yank it out for the tooth fairy. We all sat in agony as they went up to the bathroom. In the end Evan had two teeth pulled, horrifying I know. Then he chowed down on a Thanksgiving dinner, well who are we kidding it was mostly the Turtle Pie I brought.

Just this past Sunday I asked Evan a huge question.

Aunt Jayne: Evan, would you rather have Santa bring you a Chocolate Fountain or all the toys you asked for?
(Hugest grin in the world forms on Evans face and his eyes grow large)
Evan: CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! (while nodding excitedly)

The boy sure does love his sweets! Maybe that's why he's such a sweetie.