Friday, December 11, 2009

Desirie Potty Training Evan @BK

Summer 2006: Desirie, Emilie, Evan, Ava, Corey and I were about to visit the Detroit Zoo, but decided to grab lunch at Burger King before hand to save on money.

Right after we ate, Evan needed to go pee. I watched Ava as Desire took Evan into the bathroom. After a few minutes, Desirie walked out of the bathroom with a strange look on her face.

Jayne: What? What happened?
Desirie: Well Evan wouldn't go pee in the toilet
Jayne: So where did he go?
Desirie: He went in the trash can
Jayne: OMG! Desirie!! WHAT!!! That sounds nuts! Someone could have walked in!
Desirie: NO! It was inside the stall, it was a tiny tiny trash can.
Jayne: WHAT!????

I was so confused that I had to go into the bathroom to see for myself, and when I saw this I had to take a picture. Only these bizarre things seem to go on when I'm near Desirie. I don't recommend this type of training to anyone, it can be very damaging!

Lets hope that the memory was blocked out after the exciting trip to the zoo.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The House where Ice is a Luxury

After I had done the Christmas photo shoot for Desirie's children, Evan came out of the back hallway with a warm grape soda. Ava followed with a warm Strawberrry soda.

Evan: Aunt Jayne, can you open this?
Jayne: Yeah, where did you get this?
Evan: Under mama's dresser
Jayne: You guys like to drink warm pop? Don't you guys have ice?
Evan: No, we just have Ice on Birthdays

This is a sad but true statement!

All He wants for Christmas is Mariah

Desirie took Evan with her to get some groceries at Aldi just this past week. While Driving, Desirie decided to put the Christmas music Station on, the beginning of a song started...

Evan: Mama! Hurry Turn it up!
Desirie: One second Evan!
Evan: Hurrry! You're gonna miss it!!!!!

Desirie turned the dial to hear Mariah Carey singing the intro to "All I Want for Christmas is You", Evan was very happy.


This is Evan posing for a picture, I love that he puffed out his chest to look as super hero like as possible. He's such a cute and strong little man!