Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Girlfriends for the little Ladies Man

Desirie called me on my cell to tell me this story:

Evan: Hey Mama, when I grow up maybe I can have a girlfriend like Kyle...
Desirie: Yeah maybe one day
Evan :... Maybe I can have two girlfriends...yeah... (starts staring off and thinking about it intensely)
(Desirie explained that the previous day Kyles girlfriend came to the house with a friend, and Evan assumed they were just both his girlfriends).

So I immediately asked to speak to Evan

Evan: Hi Aunt Jayne! I have a pretzel in my hand and mama has a cookie
Jayne: What's this I hear about you wanting 2 girlfriends!??
Evan: (started talking so fast I could hardly understand) but I pulled out 2 separate things, "Yeah I want girlfriends" and "I want to kiss them badly"
Jayne: Oh I think one is enough, Kyle just has one girlfriend, the other girl was her friend
Evan: Nooo! He has more!!!
Jayne: Alright, I'll see you this Sunday for my birthday
Evan: Is there going to be CAKE!?
Jayne: Yes and Ice cream
Evan: Alright Jayne I love you! Bye!
Jayne: Love you too! Bye!

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